Teh Dumb makes my head hurt!

I don’t like liars. They tend to piss me off. Take George Buckley, the CEO of 3M (the Scotch tape and Post It people) who has been lying about President Obama

3M CEO George Buckley called Obama’s policies “Robin Hood-esque” and told the Financial Times that manufacturers like 3M may have to shift production to other countries in order to stay competitive.
“We know what his instincts are … he is anti business,” Buckley said in an interview that ran late Sunday.

Oh, REALLY? You want to move production overseas? OK, just to let you know I can find someone else to make my self adhesive note paper and translucent tape. I mean, if it’s all going to be made in China why bother with the brand? Or maybe there is someone who makes it here. Who knows, I’m sure I’ll find out because one thing is for damn sure, George and that’s as long as you are CEO I won’t buy a 3M product. Granted, I’m small potatoes, but there a bunch of people like me who frankly have just fucking had it with the ‘Obama is anti______ bullshit’. For one thing, he’s more pro-business than George Bush and that’s saying something. I’m not particularly pleased with him nor am I doing cart wheels over the fact that he falls over himself to please assholes like yourself who will only kick him in the teeth again. And, George, you and I both know that your taxes should be higher. In fact, you aren’t really producing jobs DESPITE your exceedingly low taxes. What’s 3M’s effective tax rate? 10%?

Seriously, enough with the self important and clearly delusional ‘captains of industry’ who are really the same old middle management in a more expensive suit. Losers.

Next up, George Will apparently thinks that antagonists from an Ayn Rand novel are plotting to make us like trains. Since we hate them and all*. I suppose someone should tell that to folks in the Northeast Corridor where, I don’t know, A THIRD OF THE COUNTRY LIVES AND USES TRAINS.

Finally, since we’re talking about stupid, it would be super awesome if our good friends in the DC media orgy would take a look at this and think about the fact that the effective tax rate for many in the top 5% is 20% or less. In other words, they aren’t paying ‘their fair share’. And yes, Chris Matthews, this would include you.

Until something is done about income inequality, the rest of this is a waste of time which someone should really point out to President Obama and the Congressional Democratic Caucus who pretty much have refused to do anything about it.

*In all honesty I absolutely despise trains which stems from a trip I took on one from San Francisco to Portland in 2003 during which the bar RAN OUT OF SCOTCH. I’ve never been on a plane that ran out of scotch. Cursed train.

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