‘Charlie Sheen Fun Time Show’ becoming an official downer

Sometimes even I have a hard time stomaching pop culture train wrecks. Coverage of Charlie Sheen has been everywhere! When it first started I thought ,”Who knew there was a fate worse than co-starring with Jon Cryer?” Then the delusional statements began and, frankly, it was pretty fucking amusing! Not the anti-Semitic comments, but the whole ‘warlock is winning’ rigmarole. Oh, and the goddesses, by all means, the goddesses! Truthfully, I really think Charlie deserves better porn stars. They are kinda plain, beige, and boring. Charlie should give someone with stature a call, like Sasha Grey. He’s got the money. But back to Charlie.

Mr. Sheen’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre. I mean, come on, what is next? Smearing poo on his face? Although, actually, that would be pretty funny! And if he did it in his costume from ‘Major League’ while quoting lines from ‘Red Dawn’ all the better! If only he didn’t look so sickly and frail. Alas, I guess in the cold light of day, his latest antics are beginning to approach desperate and depressing. And folks are starting to move on. Although his delusional ravings have provided America with gratuitous amusement, no one likes to see the body actually hit the pavement. So, here is what I suggest. Any further released clips should be shelved. News stories about Charlie Sheen should be followed by this clip only. Everybody wins! Especially Emilio Estevez who has to be feeling pretty darn good about himself right about now.

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