Around Texas : Day of Rage, Ramos and more

Dos Centavos has the skinny on the Day of Rage in Houston. Apparently, some teabaggers showed up but, being outnumbered more than 10:1, only one of them mustered the courage to make an ass out of himself by pushing people around. Houston PD didn’t like that so much and they arrested him. Score 1, us.

I know this will come as a HUGE shock, but Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Paul Krugman is right about Texas. Again. Yes, things really do suck for the vast majority in the Texas created by a combination of Republicans and their radicalized leader, Rick Perry. The only question I have is why Dr. Krugman gets fact checked by Gardner Selby but the less accomplished (and Koch funded) Veronique de Rugy doesn’t. How about it, Gardner?

Mean Rachel has some goodness about the parking meter fuckup from the perspective of Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez. Here’s the part that gets me…

New rules: Martinez said repeatedly during our call that the ordinance voted on by the Council has several conditions which must be met before the new ordinance can take effect. One of those conditions is that parking garages must open up their doors to more people and allow them to park overnight. Until they do, the only place to park overnight without fear of towing on the weekends is at parking meters or the very few lots and garages that allow overnight parking. These usually fill up quickly on the weekends, as do the meters. Hmm, correlation? I think yes.

I’m not really sure why this is an excuse since, you know, Council could pass an ordinance requiring owners who sell spaces on the weekends to allow overnight parking. Why do we have to give these people a lulu to make them to the right thing?

The HouChron has a nice piece up about just what a scam ‘Tort Reform’ really is. The Tribune followed it up with a piece on the abysmal ‘loser pays’ idea being floated this session which would allow a defendant to collect from the plaintiff for legal fees if they have the temerity to sue (say, for selling them a shoddy house) and lose.

And you thought all the bad ideas coming out of the Lege were about the budget.

Finally, the odious Bexar County Chair, Dan Ramos, has called a press conference today at 10. Maybe this time he’ll throw Asians and Indians into the mix of people he thinks suck because they keep demanding to be treated equally. We at McBlogger would just like to throw out there that we think it would be super if Dan would just go away… to an institution with padded walls and a Nurse Ratchet on standby with some Thorazine.

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