Double Down Dipshit

Not content to have thrown his reputation onto the ground, Bexar County Dem Chair Ramos has decided to drop a shit on it as well. During his press conference yesterday, he reiterated some of his previous talking points

Bexar County Democratic Chairman Dan Ramos reiterated that he believed that gays were like “white termites who have infiltrated the party much like termites infiltrate your house,” and were co-conspirators with direct involvement in the theft of over $200,000 from party coffers.

At a press conference which was held this morning at the party’s unofficial headquarters on Westfield Drive, Ramos said he was not going to apologize or resign. “I regret that people’s feelings were hurt by twisted information,” he said referring to the three articles that appeared in the San Antonio Current this week.

“I’ve always tried to be politically correct, however the gays, through the Stonewall Democrats, have taken over the party. Hell, my opponent in the election, Choco Meza, she’s a lesbian,” Ramos said. (Meza is not a lesbian.)

Ramos also referred to State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie as a “racist bastard” and an “idiot” who’s been too busy to help the local party. “Gay people have been advising Richie,” he said, “and he slipped when he asked me to resign.”

He went on to attack the SA Current and the author who broke the story originally, first for not telling Ramos he was being recorded and then because, well, the recording might not actually be of him.

Ramos’s bizarre behavior is very similar to a certain Republican politician who badly wants to run for President. Rick Perry, exhibiting the kind of bizarre narcissism usually ascribed to characters in a Bret Easton Ellis novel , has decided he won’t run in 2012 because he thinks the memory of W is still too fresh and he won’t win. Sure. It’s all because America hates W.

Someone should really tell him that the reason he won’t win is that while he’s good at winning elections, he’s not a leader or even a good manager. Under Perry, Texas has fallen to or close to last in everything you want to be first at and risen to first in all the areas where you’d like to be last. Our property taxes are too high, our sales taxes are too high, we don’t have enough money to build infrastructure, our schools are underfunded, our teachers are underpaid, huge numbers of children don’t have health insurance or access to basic care and the list of horrors goes on and on to be completed with…


Oh, no… everyone knows we aren’t like California… we’re worse. We’re in terrible shape and only Perry wants to believe otherwise. Fellow Texans, we have a decade of bad stuff ahead of us due in no small part to Rick Perry and his Republican Party. If you’ve been voting for them, I’d like to hit you in the eye for fucking up the state I love.

Democrats ran this state for more than 100 years without incident through a few depressions (including the Great one), two world wars and the collapse of our entire banking system. Republicans, in less than 16 years, ruined it all and left us without the ability to even pay for our children to go to school.

Maybe Ramos needs to look at another group to call termites. It certainly fits Republicans far better. They hollowed out this state just like a termite would a 2×4.

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