Yes! Exactly!!

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an article out today that is sure to make your inside-the-brain-reading-voice say “Geee, ya think??,” particularly if yours is as snarky as mine.

It’s all about how states are going broke because they don’t tax enough. Yes, you heard it here first. It’s not the the Rent Is Too Damn High, it’s that the Revenue Is Too Damn Low. And yet, nationwide, GOP governors are still preaching the gospel of austerity rather than even entertaining the notion of collecting an appropriate level of revenue.

This thought process reminds me of the joke about the idiots who come across an enormous pile of dung while walking in the woods and aren’t sure what it is. After they each test the pile’s smell, touch and taste up close, they move on and congratulate themselves for not stepping in it.

Way to go, guys. You’re creating an uneducated, impoverished society. But at least you aren’t raising anyone’s taxes.

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