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You know what? SCREW LIBYA!

Abdul Fatah Younis, the head of the Libyan rebels, says he is “disappointed” in NATO for doing too little to protect civilians. “Unfortunately, and I am sorry to say this, NATO has disappointed us. My staff have been in contact with NATO officials to direct them to targets that should protect civilians, but until now, NATO has not given us what we need,” Younis said. His comments came as Muammar Gaddafi’s forces recaptured Brega and rebels retreated to Ajdabiya. Younis said NATO “takes hours” to respond when then rebels call in targets. He was particularly critical of NATO’s response in Misrata: “Civilians are dying daily because of lack of food or milk, even children are dying. Even by bombing. If NATO waits for another week, it will be a crime that NATO will have to carry. What is NATO doing?”


I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that we simply can not satisfy the rebels in Libya and that even should they win, they may end up more angry with us for ‘not doing things as they would have’. In other words, it’s an impossible situation where even if you do the right thing, you get screwed.

So, we should turn our backs on them. We should even game out helping Gaddafi. I’m serious. Our only concern here needs to be the return of Libyan oil to the market (seriously, there is no other concern for us since Libya is not an American state, these are not American citizens and the country’s only value to us is the oil it produces… we don’t need them to be free to get that). If American resources are going to be spent and blood spilled, it better get us something out that’s worth that expenditure and the only thing of value in that North African sandtrap is oil. No matter who wins, we get that.

Realpolitik is a bitch, ain’t it? Maybe it’s time we show the rebels that you don’t cut off the goddamn hand that’s trying to help you out.

Lookit, I’m all for helping people but when it’s clear that even if they win, they’re going to be ANGRY AT US… well… it’s hard not to say ‘fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads’.

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