Best Buy and HSBC can suck a bag of dicks

As if their horrendous customer service weren’t bad enough, Best Buy teamed up with HSBC and decided to create a new way to fuck over consumers, with one of their horrible credit cards which I was dumb enough to sign up for.

Go on, laugh. It’s funny. Nothing like someone who works in finance getting jacked by a credit card.

Now, I know reform has meant that credit card companies are prohibited from covering us up in ridiculous fees. But charging a $74 annual fee is just not at all kosher, even if I do get to build up points toward the purchase of some piece of electronic crap that I really didn’t need in the first place. That fee is far too high considering that every credit card company (HSBC included) is charging higher interest rates and their profits are exceedingly high because, despite the crap economy, we’re all still paying.

So, make sure you check your statements for (in some cases, newly assessed) annual fees on your credit cards. And if you have a Best Buy card and decide to call to close the account, demand the fee back and tell the folks in Bangalore* I said hello!

*Seriously, HSBC, you’re a global bank. Have call centers to service the local market. Morons.

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