Ignore the mouthbreathers

Anything that the Texas Public Policy Foundation puts out should be dismissed out of hand. From energy deregulation (which has failed, miserably, to provide benefits to Texans) to their ideas on higher education, these people are focused on specific ideological projections, not real world outcomes which helps to explain why their ideas are usually saturated with fail when implemented.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some wishful thinking, but not masquerading as public policy. And, frankly, any organization that gives monstrous fatass baby stealer Talmadge Heflin any kind of power deserves scorn and ridicule. Those folks aren’t conservative, their fantasy writers. Regent Hicks nails it…

UT Regent Steve Hicks, who has previously expressed skepticism regarding the breakthrough solutions, said Powell has never pressured him as chairman of the academic affairs committee to institute the statements outlined in his draft memo.

“It is not logical to me that you could cut tuition in half, cut state funding by 15 percent, increase enrollment by 40 percent and expect the outcome to be an improvement in the quality of education,” Hicks said.

This is exactly why the State has an interest in subsidizing higher education. Without it, college becomes affordable only to smaller and smaller slices of the population, negatively effecting the overall earning power of the entire population which negatively effects future tax income. It’s vicious cycle that will lead, inevitably, to higher incarceration rates and more crime. Do we want that to be the future of this state?

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