I told you so…

It’s hard being right all the time. Seriously. But, the money I made shorting gold takes out the sting from all of you asshats who told me I was wrong about oil. Turns out, they didn’t have to raise margin requirements in oil, just doing it in silver did the trick.

I really hope you enjoy all your gold coins and I’d like to thank you for allowing me to take advantage of your fear and stupidity. There is NOTHING I like better than making out of people dumb enough to get taken in by Glenn Beck.

Of course, my glee is muted by this news about the pain the in the employment market, which I and many others also foretold…

I don’t want to get too alarmist about a single data point, but combine it with the weaker-than-expected ADP jobs report, a very soft ISM services number and first quarter growth of just 1.8%, one has to come to the conclusion tha the economy is softening significantly over the last month. This is the fourth straight week we have been above the 400,000 level. It is also the highest weekly level since last August.

Yep. I told you this was what would happen when you tightened spending across the entire government sector. And it’ll get worse since most of the effects and layoffs haven’t even occurred yet.

To my Republican readers, I know this doesn’t exactly dovetail with what you ‘believe’ but I have to ask, why do you continue to believe shit that just ain’t so? Did it never occur to you that people, I don’t know, like Mucous are where they are because they’re fucking stupid? Otherwise, they’d have jobs in the real world.

Just sayin’.

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