Republicans kill TEXAS Grants

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Texas Republicans in the Lege have been making some rather indiscriminate cuts recently, among them the TEXAS Grants program for college students. The program provided much needed money already strapped students and their families who have seen tuition costs spiral upward as a result of the Republican desire to deregulate tuition almost 10 years ago. At the time, Republicans said deregulation would bring costs down, the same argument used with electricity deregulation. Instead, costs have increased dramatically.

TDP has the money quote…

“By eliminating the ability of incoming college students to receive TEXAS Grants, Rick Perry and legislative Republicans betrayed all Texans by slamming the door in the face of motivated young Texans who will be the leaders of our future workforce,” said Texas Democratic Party Spokeswoman Kirsten Gray. “It’s hypocritical for the Governor to tout a rotten budget deal as an economic success while supporting cuts that threaten our ability to prepare our children to compete and succeed in the global economy.”

Just another step toward completion of the Republican program to make Texas into a third world state.

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