Are you people stupid?

  • Republican Congressman and Ideologue Eric Cantor, a member of the leadership in the House of Representatives, basically told the people in Joplin, MO, who have just suffered through the worst tornado is decades, that no help was coming from the Federal Government despite the fact that Joplin is in the United States and it’s citizens pay Federal taxes.

    This is exactly the kind of disaster which overwhelms state and county resources. This is WHY we have federal disaster aid programs. Programs which Cantor refuses to approve the use of because of the budget deficit. This the same guy whose wife benefited from the bank bailouts. Yeah, he’s THAT kind of guy

  • But, of course, the Democrats are better, right? Not so much…Steny Hoyer has decided that entitlements will be part of the deficit discussion. Just in case you were wondering, protecting Medicare just won us an election in a heavily Republican district that they’ve controlled for 40 years. I don’t know, but maybe jacking with that is bad for Democrats.
  • Just as housing is beginning to recover, the Republicans in Congress have decided to punch it in the gut. They have filed a bill that would increase the required down payment on FHA loans and lower the maximum loan amount. All this in the name of saving taxpayers money which is ironic because out of the entire housing mess, FHA has basically cost the government nothing and has been one of the programs actually keeping housing from collapsing nationwide.
  • The Quitter’s top aide apparently likes to share all kinds of information via Twitter direct messages. Nothing like having a chatty cathy on staff who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.
  • Noted closet case and horrendous liar Rep. Patrick McHenry decided to get on the wrong side of Elizabeth Warren and accuse her of lying about something she didn’t do. The whole was, like everything McHenry does, half-assed and silly. The imbecile is truly an embarrassment to North Carolina (which is saying something) and the Republican Party.
  • Newt Gingrich owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to Tiffany and Co. Just thought it worth mentioning the next time he’s talking about the necessity of cutting health care for the rest of us.
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