Our great friend, Speaker Straus… The Great Exaggerator

So our Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, got spooked at the beginning of the session by noted astroturfers and unbelievably fake people, Mucous and Piggy Venable as well as the cast of vagrants they call allies. As a result, he completely jacked the entire state and may well lead to the complete and total collapse of the entire Republican Party in Texas. By not being the one sane Republican leader, Straus has shown that such a thing is just not possible and that no Republican is in any way fit for the office they hold without at least one Democrat actually doing the work. They might be fine with Perry as Governor but they now know if that’s going to happen then there has to be a Democratic Speaker and a Democratic Lite Gov. Two different Republican Speakers both behaved the same way with the same disastrous result.

You need someone to restrain the crazy and act rationally. Instead, you got someone who was essentially such a gutless chickenshit that he let the inmates run the asylum. Now, he’s trying to lie about it and PolitiFact called it half true. Here’s the quote:

“The agreement that we reached with the Senate today funds nursing homes, our public schools and universities, and provides financial aid for college students while keeping substantial revenue in reserves and avoiding any new taxes.”

Half true, except for one large problem… the agreement will cost more than 300,000 jobs and will substantially cut funding for all these things. It puts poor elderly people out on the street and deprives the next generation of the education they need to compete in a globalized world. This is a budget that destroys our future and severely harms our present. It will kill people so Republican donors like Bob Perry and Harold Simmons don’t have to pay taxes.

Straus sold himself out, compromised everything in an effort to win the love and respect of the crazy minority. Predictably, it didn’t meet with success because you can never satisfy them. This is why you do the right thing, regardless, at all times and let the chips fall where they may. Even if you lose, at least you have your dignity.

Joe Straus doesn’t even have that.

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