You’re fucking doing it wrong, Mr. President

By cooperating with the Republicans on budget cuts, President Obama is now presiding over an economy in decline. Not a bump in the road, a decline.

Just so we’re totally clear, you do not create jobs by cutting spending when the economy is weak. That’s just stupid and only a moron who has never run a business, like Paul Ryan or Barack Obama, would think it would work.

This has forced me to lose the last bit of hope I had for the President. My only hope now is that another candidate, even a Republican, challenges him with rational policy that will work. Just one person who will come out and say we need more Keynes and less Austria. If they also say that Ryan’s plan is a crock of shit, so long D’s.

I hope I’m wrong, but he’s done the exact opposite of what he should do on almost everything. I’m loyal but I’m not suicidal.

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