Why Chromebook will fail

The NYT nails it

But let me understand something: Chromebooks are going to cost between $350 and $500, right?

And how much do netbooks cost?
Well, just as an example, Best Buy is selling 15 netbooks from $200 to $530 right now.

And those netbooks, what are they running on?
Windows 7.

Do they have hard drives?
Yes. They range in capacity from 160 to 320 gigabytes.

Are they heavy?
Not really. They weigh between 2.4 and 3.1 pounds.

Do they have really small screens?
Kind of — 10.1 inches is pretty common. Though there are some 11.6 models out there. If you move into the “laptop” category, you can find models with 14-inch screens in the same price range as netbooks.

So, with these netbooks and laptops that cost the same or less, and weigh the same or less, and come with screens bigger and smaller than Chromebooks, I could still do all those cloud-based things you were talking about, but I could also have a full-fledged computer as well?

So I would want a Chromebook because …?
Good question.

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