Redistricting and F1
If the Austin City Council wants to express its’ liberal bona fides – provided that some members still possess them – then they need to do what is in the best interest of the community by tying the $250M that F1 organizers are trying to collect over the next 10 years through the state’s Major Event Sports Fund to redistricting. The organizers need the city council to give their approval for F1 to collect on this largesse.

The funding mechanism is complex and what the city will or will not reap is open to varied interpretation. What is not is Texas Comptroller Susan Comb’s continued incompetence or misguidance of the people’s money and trust. Because of her mishandling of the process, the F1 organizers seem almost desperate for this approval. Even snake oil salesman Richard Suttle, the front man for F1, admits that it is a distinct possibility that the project might shut down without the money. Good.

So now the city council, which is in a position of strength, can tell the organizers – lousy with republicans and developers – to go back to their pals in the lege and tell them that for the city to sign off on a quarter of a billion dollars, they must adjust the redistricting map to allow Lloyd Doggett to represent all of the Austin, and Travis County. It really is that simple. Does the council have the ball-busting negotiating skills to make this happen?

Gay Perry
So James Richard is ready to come out. No, not disclosing his sexuality, but running for POTUS. First things first.

There are a number of stated reasons and rumors on why James Richard switched political parties, but the one that lends credence says he was upset that Al Gore rejected his advances.

Actually we should encourage James Richard to run as openly gay. His politics are horrible and polarizing, but his announcement would be a significant historical milestone.

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