Done with General Sanchez

So General Sanchez’s website is up and it includes the following craptastic bullets

The best approach to creating jobs in Texas is for us to provide tax cuts, incentives, and increase financing support for small businesses…

No, the best approach is to create DEMAND. Businesses hire people to meet DEMAND for their products from CONSUMERS. That’s how a business works. This is the kind of unintelligible garbage that the R’s have been implementing for decades and it’s done nothing but export jobs, reduce the middle class to squalor, create massive deficits and cause deterioration of the infrastructure we need in this country. We kinda need taxes to build the things businesses depend on and, no joke, BUSINESSES UNDERSTAND THAT.

Oh, and Democrats have been running and losing with this message for more than a decade in Texas. But sure, maybe it’ll work this time.

In many cases, alternatives make sense, particularly if a child is placed in a magnate school where they can focus on a specific subject of interest. In such cases, the application of school vouchers would not be something I would be opposed to – as long as their implementation is expanded to include all families so that every family can have the same opportunities and choices available to them. If vouchers are to exist at all, they must be applied equitably and made available to all elements of our society.

This is so mindless it makes me wonder how General Sanchez breathes, let alone was able to write this asinine statement. First off, we’ve been underfunding public schools for decades while expecting more and more from them. ENOUGH. If you’re not willing to talk about funding education at a level that will make us competitive in the global economy, then back off and don’t file. I would like to give General Sanchez a special YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE on the vouchers thing, mostly because his statement is the type of doublespeak that would have made Orwell proud. Private school costs far more than any ‘equitable’ voucher, meaning that the poorest students (the largest part of the population) won’t be able to afford them even with vouchers. What this effectively does is create a permanent underclass and destroys this country as a first world nation.

It’s anti-American and HUGELY offensive to anyone who cares about this country. Public schools haven’t failed, politicians have failed them.

The drain on state and local revenues (schools, health care, etc.) has become intolerable in spite of the immense contributions to the gross domestic product of the illegal immigrant workforce. We simply cannot provide illegal immigrants with blanket access to all of the services and benefits that are afforded to our citizens. Doing so would undermine our economy and the viability of critical social programs.

You know, we’ve done this bit over and over again. This particular zombie idea has been around as long as there have been white people hating on the brown people who are building their homes, their roads, etc. It’s rather interesting to see it coming from a Latino candidate, though. However, it’s wrong. Immigrants produce more economic value than they consume. Period.

Ben Barnes, you’re going to have to do better than this. And please, FIRE the loser at the DSCC who wrote this shit. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet at a place where facts don’t matter… like Heritage or the AEI.

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8 Responses to Done with General Sanchez

  1. RunOfTheMillDem says:

    God! Really? This is just another candidate foisted on Texas Democratsc by TTLA, Ben Barnes, and those afraid of a decent statewide candidate that will attract real money and real grassroots support. They want shitty candidates so as not to mess with their legislative race strategy (which has worked sooooo well to date!).

    Personally, I think he makes for a terrible candidate. He won’t excite Hispanics any more than Chavez-Thompson or Noriega, so let us dismiss the fallacy that we need him to carry the Valley. Second, his issue positions are for shit. All DLC pseudo-centrist crap that makes our real base yawn and shows independents no contrast between the D and the R.

    If we are going to run garbage candidates, we should expect to loose.

    Abu Grab aside, he is no Wesley Clark.

    I’ve been at three Democratic functions this week and not a soul had a positive thing to say about his candidacy. In fact, people are scared of it because his baggage could taint the entire ticket.

    Is he even a resident of Texas? Is he even an actual Democrat? What defense contractors has he made bank off of since leaving the military? What is his voting record? And, aside from the South Texss Summitt, where the hell has he been? Not actually meeting D voters, that is for damned sure.

    I pity whoever does the research for the Rs. Word is there is a shit load of detrimental stuff in non-classified FOIA available DoD docs related to Not just Iraq but his CENTCOM time in Florida over the Panama Canal.

    Once again, Russ Tidwell, Ben Barnes and the presumed fathers of our current worthless strategies eat some beans, take a dump, and crap out a candidate whose stink is so bad a match won’t clean it from the bathroom.

  2. wcblog says:

    Great post McB.

    While it may be unlikely that Democrats are going to win this seat in ’12 we need to start running candidates in these races that agree more with Democratic principles – more FDR & LBJ – then they do with the GOP.

    We need to show that Democrats are different then Republicans on education, taxes, infrastructure and regulation – to name a few. I’d rather lose on principle then continuing to lose for not being Republican enough.

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