Let me be abundantly clear…

Mr. President:

Apparently, you’ve been under the impression that making a ‘sacrifice’ that doesn’t materially effect you is a good way to ‘meet the Republicans halfway’. What you’re not understanding is that you will be sacrificing and, in fact, murdering millions of poor and elderly Americans. It won’t be the Republicans we blame, it’ll be you for not holding the line.

A penny in benefit cuts, even adjusting the COLA calculation in Social Security, and I’m done with you. Who knows what will come of it, maybe there will be a third party candidate who decides to run because they’re just disgusted with you and the Republicans ignoring the people of this country and making them suffer for millionaires and billionaires.

And no, we don’t for a second believe you’re being forced into this. You like compromise for the sake of compromise and you’re carefree regarding the millions who will be forced into abject poverty, a poverty you will never have to endure. It would be offensive coming from a Republican… it’s appalling coming from a man who calls himself a Democrat.

My one vote doesn’t matter. I live in a state you probably won’t win anyway. But I’m not the only one and as your fundraising team recently discovered in Philly, there are a lot people just like me who are ready and willing to wash their hands of you. We sincerely hope for a good candidate to challenge you because we now realize you aren’t a messenger of hope and change, you’re the grim reaper.

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