Balczak 20:11

And yea verily, Rick Perry didst call upon the Texans to pray to the Lord and beseech Him to raineth upon their land, restoreth their crops, and putteth out their brushfires, so that Perry might avoideth an embarrassing request for more federal assistance.

And when the Lord showed his disfavour and raineth not upon Texas, Perry didst calleth forth for a great gathering, that his believers might congregate and pray together at a large stadium, that they might beseech the Lord a second time and in so doing draw great attention to Perry’s presidential aspirations.

And lo, verily, before Perry’s believers could even congregate, the Lord didst again answer these prayers, most unequivocally, to show His great disfavour toward Perry and his disciples, and the Texans who didst alloweth him yet another term as their Governor.

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