Apparently, there’s a fight going on in the Commissioner’s Court regarding redistricting. On one side, it’s Commissioners Gomez and Davis while on the other we find Huber and Eckhardt. The fight is over the redistricting map that’s going to make or break Democratic representation in Travis County for the next 10 years.

In 2008, Commissioner Huber beat Gerald Daugherty in the Precinct Three race to remove one of the last Republicans in Travis County. Daugherty was a big proponent of converting free roads to tolls so, of course, we weren’t fans. Huber’s done a tremendous job as Commissioner and it’s clear we need her on the Court.

Considering that Republicans in the Legislature have carved up Travis County into FIVE Congressional districts in an effort to create more Republican districts, it’s clear we need to keep as much of the county government in Democratic hands as possible to make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past by allowing a Republican to gain a toehold in government. Anyone who followed the last session of the Legislature should realize, without any doubt, that allowing one to get in would be a disaster.

I want you to join me in contacting Commissioner Davis and Commissioner Gomez as well as Judge Biscoe to ask them to support a map that gives us the best chance of holding Precinct Three.

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