Perry and the Republicans should be on the ground with a firehouse

All of the fires around the state, especially here in Central Texas, are absolutely heartbreaking. While they were unavoidable (a drought is a drought), they could have been contained with less stress had Governor Perry and the Republicans not cut the budget so severely. The magnitude of the disaster (35,000 acres in Central Texas alone) is completely their fault.

Make no mistake, Perry started running for President back in the spring. Those draconian budget cuts, that STILL didn’t balance the budget without accounting gimmicks, included cuts to the Texas Forestry Service and rural fire departments. He did THAT rather than raise taxes on his sugar daddies, Bob Perry and Harold Simmons. As a result, billions of dollars in damage is being done all over the state.

This isn’t about politics… Perry wanted to be able to say he cut the budget. Those cuts had consequences and the people who’ve lost homes deserve better than silence. We’ve all wondered where the hell Perry was since last night and he only deigned to show up late today? That’s inexcusable. While he’s running for President, his state is on fire. Some leader, huh?

His solution to all this is to beg DoD for help from Ft. Hood and ask President Obama and FEMA for help. This from the man who is sooooo big on the 10th Amendment. Of course, this is the same guy who lied about rejecting stimulus money in 2009 which he then used to balance the budget. Needless to say, hypocrisy is nothing new.

No, I don’t want to hear speeches or excuses from ANY Republican State Representative, Senator or State Officer. I want to see them in gear, fighting the fire, relieving one of the brave men and women who are desperately trying to stop more destruction. And that’s me being nice. If I really had my way, I’d drop them into the hotspot from a helicopter.

I’m tired of watching my state burn because of politics.

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