A Stunning Display Of Total Cluelessness

I watched the Republican debate and was stunned by the tone deaf nature of it and the complete foolishness of the candidates. Those of you who have read this blog since it originated in 2005 know that I’ve criticized all manner of economic stupidity on both sides of the aisle. I’ve been especially critical of President Obama for failing to push through a large enough stimulus in 2009 to reignite economic growth, essentially being too timid in the face of an enormous crisis. So, when I say…


you should realize that it’s not coming from a partisan place.

Romney thinks that small, community banks have assets in excess of $10 billion. Bachmann claims to have spoken to a ‘small’ banker in Texas who will lose $20 million this year because of regulation (she’s lying… that person doesn’t exist. Sue me, Michelle you giant fake… a small bank doesn’t have $20 million in assets, let alone a compliance tab of $20 million). Romney also lies about the too small stimulus bill in 2009 not creating jobs, which it did. Romney also thinks he’s created wealth and jobs… someone should talk to the shareholders and employees of US Internetworking. They certainly didn’t make out too well due to their association with his company, Bain Capital.

Herman Cain wants to drive the poor into destitution and kill the middle class with his tax plan. He also wants to turn financial markets into a full fledged casino by completely eliminating the only thing preventing non-stop speculation, the capital gains tax. Cain doesn’t understand you can’t buy used milk or eggs and use them to make a cake or, well, anything edible.

Perry claims that his slush fund isn’t a slush fund even though it’s a slush fund. Oh, and his advisers desperately need to train him to stop looking like a mouthbreather when others are speaking.

Gingrich is working on a career as a comedian to help pay off his mounting debts to jewelers now that no one cares what he thinks or wants to buy his books.

Rick Santorum hates on TARP. He didn’t vote for it. Had it not passed, the entire US economy would have collapsed as banks across the nation failed. I guess he would have been ok with that. He would have been a perfect fit for the Hoover Administration.

Ron Paul thinks everything would be fine if we just got rid of regulations, social security, medicare and everything that protects ordinary Americans. He’s apparently ignorant of the fact that we have all those things because when we didn’t have them, companies abused their power, killed their customers and committed fraud. He also doesn’t understand that before social security, the elderly in this country died in poverty.

Huntsman… He knows the rest of these people are crazy. He knows the stimulus worked but that it was too small, yet he won’t say so. He’s pandering. It’s for him I have the least respect.

They all seem to think regulation is killing businesses, though none of them know which ones or which ones to change or seem to know that the vast majority of businesses think lack of demand for their products is the single biggest obstacle to job growth. It’s funny that business doesn’t agree with any of these people, they agree with Paul Krugman who has been saying FOR YEARS demand was the problem. The moderators never once asked about this. They never pressed the candidates for real answers or called them on their lies The moderators might as well have been plastic toys and should be ashamed of themselves for their failure to hold these people accountable.

All of the Republican candidates completely missed the point of The Other 99% and Occupy Wall Street. For those of you who don’t really understand it, here’s a good primer. The protests are about the fact that, in America today, we’re not all in this together and the realization on the part of many in the lower 99% that the system is, in fact, rigged.

Every Republican candidate would perpetuate that. I’m embarrassed that these people are seriously being considered as possible leaders for this nation. They are all the human equivalent of cat sick.

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