Scumbags sue City of Austin; Loathsome former Commissioner to seek old seat

If you think of the human body as a metaphor for the finance industry, the dirty, unwiped asshole after a violent attack of chili diarrhea would represent payday lenders. These are the folks that give advice on how to really fuck over the poor and desperate to loan sharks. The City of Austin put some common sense restrictions on them, including where they can be located which were, frankly, FAR more lenient than the ones I would have placed on them. The City merely restricted them to off major thoroughfares and away from homes, where I would have restricted them to only operating in an area covered by a new zoning district, FU, which would cover only the block that has the Randall’s on it at Mesa and Spicewood Springs and the permitted hours of operation would be 9:30am to 9:32 am. Frankly, these folks got off easy but still are whining and are now planning to sue the City

The Consumer Service Alliance of Texas, a trade group that represents credit service organizations, filed a lawsuit in state District Court in Travis County on Wednesday over an ordinance that requires payday lenders to register with the city, caps the maximum cash advance available and restricts the number of times a client can refinance a loan.

The ordinance, passed in August, also says stores cannot be located within certain areas, such as 200 feet from a residential lot or 500 feet from the rights of way on major thoroughfares.

The payday lenders claim the state already regulates them. Keep in mind that the regulatory body is composed of industry people, allies and morons all appointed by one of the most corrupt Governors in the history of this state. During the past session, Democrats attempted to rein in the out of control industry but those efforts were hamstrung by people like Senator Mike Jackson who apparently thought that 500% interest is fair as long as people are aware they’re being sodomized without lube or a kiss. Jackson never realized that folks aren’t given that information. He also doesn’t realize the Santa isn’t real.

We at McBlogger hope Council will now quickly move to redesign the restrictions and eliminate these businesses from the city altogether.

In other news regarding Things That Are Dreadful, Gerald Daugherty is planning to run against Commissioner Huber. Huber ejected him from the Commissioners Court in 2008 and since then he’s sat, festering like an unlanced carbuncle, waiting to bring his dark soul and horrific visage back to the Court. We look forward to Huber beating Toll Road Gerald next year.

This would also be a good time to mention that one of the Commissioners who made the decision to weaken Democratic voting strength in Precinct Three will be facing a challenger in the primary. Richard Franklin has announced he will oppose Commissioner Ron Davis in the Democratic Primary. Davis was one of the votes that kept Precinct Three’s DPI from increasing, making it a tougher seat for a Democrat to win. We’ll be thrilled by Franklin’s victory in the primary next spring.

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