OMG! You’re still here??!?!

  • Bill White, former Democratic candidate for Governor (you remember, he ran last year… kinda slouchy, bald and pale? Nothing? Well, OK… it really was a thing last year…), has endorsed Republican Jack Christie against Houston Council Member Jolanda Jones, who is a Democrat. Christie apparently understands ‘diversity’ and in the 90’s, while he was a member of the SBOE, he stood up to the mouthbreathers who wanted to use textbooks for political purposes. To me, I guess it’s no big deal when a politico does the right thing so I’m not sure why White mentions it. It’s not like Christie had to fight them to the death to force them to stop trying to politicize science. I guess White sets his standards for endorsement a little low. For us, we’re recommending our readers in Houston vote to re-elect Jones… she does the right thing all the time.

    We also recommend that everyone else in Texas just ignore White, like many of them did last year.

  • On the Travis County front, we have more information about the Republican primary for Precinct 3 Commissioner. Apparently, there will be a real primary. InFactDaily has the run of the mill he said/he said bullshit whining from a candidate who thought (stupidly) Daugherty wouldn’t get into the race, none of which was particularly funny. What WAS funny was Gerald stroking his own ego, basically saying that he was running because he doesn’t like the way Huber ‘governs’ and is afraid she’ll win again unless he’s her opponent. Nothing like a little self love from a demon pig man, right?

    As for not liking the way Huber governs, we can only assume Gerald means he’s not pleased with Huber’s desire to represent people, not developers in Hays County and WilCo.

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