Those suggestions are nice and all…

… but the reality is that Fortune’s suggestions for how to ‘fix’ Greece would still prove less than effective. There’s one sure fire solution to their problems which stands a good chance at restoring some fiscal sanity to an insane situation:


Greece is a goddamn cautionary tale for the US, but not in the way the talking heads would lead you to believe. It’s not about runaway government spending, it’s about institutionalized tax avoidance and a lack of accountability for the citizens. So, when you see the tea partiers out complaining about their horrible taxes, when you hear the private equity managers and bankers whine on endlessly about paying more than 15% in taxes (less, as a percentage of income, than even the people in this country who pay no federal income tax but who pay all those other federal taxes Rush Limbaugh conveniently forgets), when you hear an idiot candidate say ‘we’re suffocating under taxes’… think about Greece. That’s us if this continues.

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