Don’t hack me, bro!

Well, it’s been a fun 14 hours. Many of you no doubt noticed that we got hacked this AM. Well, you may not have immediately noticed since the person who did the deed mucked it so badly they couldn’t get back in to fix their screw up. That was left up to me with the help and spot on advice of this amazing person from the UK.

Just a word to all those out there far more skilled at coding than myself and who’ve an eye toward commerce by commandeering others sites… we’re just a little blog. It’s no doubt easy to fuck with us. Odds are, I’ll never be able to find you so there’s no need to threaten you.

I’m just asking you to not be a dick.

This blog doesn’t even make enough to pay the monthly server fee, mostly because I’ve made the conscious decision not to monetize it. It’s here doing nothing other than holding snapshots of time and information, not particularly valuable to anyone other than the people who read it and the few who stumble upon it via Google while looking for simple explanations of, for example, credit default swaps or the dynamics of a Democratic primary. Or a picture of a giant wax cock.

So, please, don’t fuck with us. Karma’s a bitch with teeth and you don’t want that.

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