Jerry wants to build a desal plant

Copying off the playbook of the man he said in 2010 he’d shoot, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has decided that GLO land needs… desalination plants. These plants will expand development in Central Texas without putting additional strain on existing water supplies and infrastructure which is great news if you happen to own some land in Hays County… it does nothing for the rest of us.

Hank Gilbert talked extensively about the need for desalination in 2006 and 2010. It’s worth noting that had he been elected in 2006, the first plants would already be online. That’s because Democrats, unlike Republicans, actually think ahead.

Hey Jerry, rather than shooting Hank you might want to give him a call and ask him about some of his others ideas. Staples sure as hell wasn’t paying attention… he’s still not inspected all the gas pumps in the state, more than eighteen months into his second term.

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