What I really hate about George W. Bush

I can’t STAND people who lack accountability. People who, despite all the evidence, can still blithely point at irrelevant factors in a problem and make excuses for their own failure. After more than three years in private life, outside the White House bubble, President George W. Bush STILL DOESN’T GET IT. I give you the opening, penned by the former President, from a the first book to be published by the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas.

“While the causes of the 2008 crisis will be debated by scholars for decades to come, we can all agree that excessive risk-taking by financial institutions, irresponsible decisions by lenders and borrowers, and market-distorting government policies all played a role. The question now is which policies we should adopt to fix the problems, speed the recovery, and lay the foundation for another long, steady expansion.”

Market-distorting government policies? Oh, you must mean the Community Reinvestment Act which we already know had absolutely nothing to do with the financial crisis of 2008. So, no, Mr. President, we can not all agree on what caused it because some people, like yourself, refuse to accept responsibility for promoting stupid policies and ideology over sensible business practices and legitimate economics. It was you, Mr. Bush, and your Administration that did more to cause the crisis than ALL the poor people buying homes ‘irresponsibly’.

At the end of the day, it’s not really that the fuckstick is stupid, it’s that he’s so blithely unaccountable for anything.

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