Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining

Driving while Black and/or Brown is apparently still a big problem in Austin. The most recent report of the police monitor had some interesting stats

For the second year in a row, the report revealed that the vehicles of black and Hispanic drivers are searched more frequently during traffic stops than those of white drivers.

One out of every 8 traffic stops involving a black driver included a police search, compared with 1 out of 28 stops involving white drivers, according to the report. Similarly, Hispanic drivers were searched in 1 out of every 10 traffic stops. About 180,000 people were stopped last year, Frasier said.

However, the 93-page report notes “there is virtually no difference in the likelihood of contraband being discovered within the three groups.”

Here’s the money…

Acevedo said he feels the high rate of searches of minorities — greater than their representation in the total population — does not suggest racial profiling. Black residents also file complaints at a rate almost five times greater than their representation in the voting age population, the report said.

Acevedo said the department increases operations in high-crime areas, many of which, he said, “tragically, are really areas occupied in terms of residency by people of color.”

First off, if you stop disproportionately screwing around with blacks, I’d be willing to bet the number of complaints from blacks will decrease. As for the rest of this, Chief, go fuck yourself with a flagpole. The bottom line is you search blacks and Hispanics more than whites. Your excuses, while they’ll satisfy most of the white liberals, are just bullshit.

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