Yeah, that means Lampson was right, asshat!

Randy Weber (it’s his real name, we checked… I know, I would have totally changed that shit, too) is all upset because Congressman Lampson bitch slapped him for voting to give tax breaks to companies that moved jobs overseas.

The ad claims that Weber voted to send jobs overseas. The legislation in question was an amendment attached to the budget bill during the 81st legislative session. The amendment stated that it would not let a company receive a tax credit, exemption or discount at any time during the two previous years if they created a job overseas resulting in an elimination or creation of a similar job in the US.

Randy, bubba, this is simple… you voted AGAINST the amendment. So Lampson’s hit stands. It’s irrelevant that the bill may have been sloppily crafted or that others voted with you in shutting it down. Reality is still reality… in voting against the amendment, you voted to allow companies to continue to receive tax breaks for putting Americans out of work.

One last thing… you don’t EVER want to be put into a position to be defended by the likes of Bill Hammond. Seriously, that’s like having Josef Mengele as a witness for the defense in a med-mal trial.

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