What is this, a badly executed practical joke?

The Statesman, for reasons we can assume only become clear when you’re at the bottom of the bottle of cheap vodka the Statesman ed board perefers, has decided to endorse one of the most repulsive human beings ever to hold office in Travis County, Gerald Daugherty. They base their endorsement on his lack of will to do difficult things, his ‘straight talk’ (we’re assuming about standing opposed to rational water policy that would assure SW Travis County of drinking water in 2020) and their impression that he ‘earned the respect of Democrats’ which is completely untrue.

What they leave unsaid is that Daugherty wants to spend at least $40 and as much as $200 million OF TRAVIS COUNTY TAXPAYER MONEY to help bring people in Hayes County (who, in case you aren’t paying attention, aren’t Travis County taxpayers) to MoPac faster. This will increase development in Hayes County in environmentally sensitive areas, worsen air quality in SW Travis County and increase the congestion on already badly congested MoPac and CapTex/360.

So, when you’re sitting in endless traffic on MoPac or 360, think about how much worse it will be when you dramatically increase the number of cars from Hays County. Those longer possible commute times will be brought to you by Generous Gerald who won’t even consider an alternative that might get you out of traffic. If that’s not enough to get you really angry, remember that Generous Gerald wants to do all this by spending YOUR MONEY to help Hays County.

Think about THAT when you go to the polls.

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