No one melts down…

…quite like Alex Jones melts down. His recent turn on Piers Anthony’s show (which usually defies any attempt to enjoy it, even when enhanced chemically) is the best example of WHY CRAZY PEOPLE SHOULDN’T TALK ABOUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT I’ve seen since running into an old high school friend while at Mother’s house for Thanksgiving.

Seriously, there are some really choice bits of crazy including repeated utterances of the word ‘FACTOID’ to somehow diminish the reality of facts which don’t happen to support Jones.

On a personal note, Alex… you’re a fucktard. As a gun owner, I really wish people like you would stop trying to bolster your image (and sales of your merchandise) by defending the right to own a gun. A well regulated militia isn’t some good old boy with 100+ automatic weapons, k? Let’s not forget you’ve been wrong about the New World Order for well on TWO DECADES.

Don’t you have enough money socked away by now to retire?

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