What’s next? Support for marriage equality?

Bill Hammond must have had one hell of a come to Jesus with someone over the last year. First, there was support for more revenue at the state level. Now, there’s support for criminal justice reform

Among things that you wouldn’t expect a conservative Texas political leader to say is: “We’re sending too many people to the slammer.” Yet that’s exactly what Bill Hammond, president of the Texas Association of Business said last week.
Prisons are expensive and “the taxpayers and the business community are both being harmed,” Hammond said in unveiling a series of proposals to fix problems association research has identified. As the American-Statesman’s Mike Ward reported last week, Hammond said he will push to change the state’s drug laws to divert low-level offenders into local treatment programs and reduce penalties for small amounts of drugs. Hammond, a former legislator turned director of the state’s most influential business lobby, said he would work to give some ex-convicts access to state-issued licenses now denied convicted felons.

The Statesman ed board pointed out that former Travis County DA Ronnie Earle has been talking about his for years. Judge Charlie Baird has spent most of his professional life saying the same thing. While Hammond’s realization isn’t exactly new, what is earth shattering is that it’s coming from Bill Fucking Hammond of the Texas Association of BIDNESS.

Could this be the first real split in the Republican party between people who are finally starting to ‘get it’ and those who are too dumb to comprehend much beyond a bumper sticker slogan?

Seriously, Bill, if you put out one more thing I agree with I promise I will start an effort to draft you to run for Lt. Governor as a Democrat. After all, if you’re finally going to stop acting like a blowhard moron and start making sense, you might as well join the rest of us who’ve been making sense for years.

You should all take a moment to look at the Statesman piece at the link. I don’t want to block quote it hear and deny them traffic they actually deserve for publishing some killer information.

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