Kicking no ass and getting absolutely nothing done!

The title neatly sums up the first month on the job for Ted Cruz, our Junior Senator. His first bill, to repeal the COMPLETELY CONSTITUTIONAL Affordable Care Act, has been filed. He acknowledges that it has no chance of passage which makes his effort completely puzzling. Instead of doing something even marginally useful, Senator Ted is wasting our time and our money on a bill that will go nowhere.

Think about that for a second.

Our Senior Senator, John Cornyn, signed on as a co-sponsor. Senator Cornyn, being dumb as the proverbial post, doesn’t sense the wind changing direction and STILL hasn’t realized he’ll pay the price for Ted Cruz in 2014. After all, we can’t send two pinheads to DC to represent us.

Then there’s this… which is so crazy, I honestly feel further comment would be graceless. And y’all know I’m all about grace, right?


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