You’re A Racist! hosted by Senator Ted Cruz

In one of the more bizarre defenses of Senator Rubio’s disastrous State of the Union response, Senator Ted Cruz claimed that the media criticism of the aforementioned terrible performance is driven by fear and racism.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday after an appearance at a Leander gun manufacturer, Cruz said that Rubio’s Hispanic background “is not a small part” of the attacks leveled at the Florida senator. He asserted that Democrats and the media are afraid of Rubio’s intelligence.

“I think Democrats view Marco Rubio as a particular threat because of his background (and) his life story,” Cruz said. “They believe it is in their best interest to inflict as much damage as possible and blow things wildly out of proportion.

Let’s not mess around here… even if the awkward water break hadn’t happened (not to mention the wiping of sweat from the face, fidgeting and smacking of his lips), Senator Rubio’s speech still would have been considered a disaster because of two salient points:

1) He responded to a speech the President didn’t give, completely ignoring the message the President delivered just moments before the response.

2) He spent his entire time attacking the straw man that the Republicans have used in place of the President for four years, a message that failed resoundingly in November, 2012.

As for anyone being afraid of Senator Rubio or his life story (which is, coincidentally, as full of holes as the story being told by Cruz), that’s pretty laughable. The man’s distinguished himself by questioning science, denying that women have the right to control their own bodies and refusing to do even the bare minimum with regard to keeping the economy growing. The man is an ideologue who is just to the left of the brazenly crazy Senator Rand Paul. Frankly, no one is scared of the electoral possibilities of Senator Rubio. It’s doubtful he’ll even be able to hold his Senate seat in 2016.

Making fun of Senator Rubio isn’t some kind of concerted effort to destroy someone Democrats see as a threat. It’s nothing more than laughing at a fuckup.

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