Governor, you’re a crook

“If the federal government will allow the states to make the decisions about how to deliver health care more efficiently and effectively, we can cover substantially more people and do it in a less costly way, but the federal government refuses to trust the states to take care of its own citizens.”

This bon mot from our deranged and incompetent Governor is pretty funny when you realize that what he really wants is yet another way to enrich his donors with our tax dollars. Rick Perry makes Richard Nixon look like a damn paragon of virtue in public service. If we’ve learned ANYTHING from Rick Perry’s time as our most recent failure of a Governor, it’s that he can’t be trusted with public funds.

Sure, he may not be stealing the money himself but he sure as hell is lining the pockets of a lot of his donors in indirect ways. Oh, and let’s not forget that a man who grew up poor and has spent the majority of his adult life in public service is now a millionaire several times over while earning a public salary.

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