They’re stealing our JOBS!

Apparently, more than 90,000 people come into Travis County from WilCo every day to steal jobs from honest, hardworking, God-fearing Travis County citizens.

Almost 90,000 people in Williamson County head south to work in Travis County, according to a Tuesday census report using 2006-2010 commuting figures.Some 46.2 percent of Williamson County workers are employed in Travis County, making Williamson third in the nation by percentage of a county’s workforce that works in a single, outside county.

The Mayor, years ago, had the idea to put toll booths on every road coming into Travis County. I thought it was a fantastic idea then and I think it’s even more fantastic now. At least then maybe we could afford a decent traffic and rail plan that I’m sure Commissioner Ogre will hate since it’s not handing over OUR money to help people in Hays County.

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