Seen but not heard

If you’re reading a blog like this one, you may have tuned in for occasionally hilarity and bottom-of-the-page stories. What follows wouldn’t even have made it to the bottom of the page. Your own Ruth O’Dare went to Austin’s Capitol on Sunday and waited outside the House of Representatives Gallery trying to openly stand in opposition to anti-abortion bills trying be pushed through special session without anyone noticing .

I did manage to sneak in the back of the House before being chased out by security because I didn’t have a seat. (What is the point of standing room only, if they don’t let you stand? We all like each other – we would have fit)! But I did see some of the soon-to-be-banned jazz hands in the gallery while one of the bills was being discussed. This was before any cheering, booing and the apparently highly-distracting jazz hands were made off-limits. The House doesn’t want to be reminded that people are watching them. Or that people care.

In line outside the House, I chatted with the line. Mostly students and activists, as would be expected. But directly next to me was a mother and a daughter from Waco. The mother wanted to prove to her daughter that some excitement actually happens at the Capitol (the daughter was a Congressional Page for one mind-numbing day in the spring). Not sure if standing in line for long amounts of time helped or hurt the case, but it was touching to get generations come together on the issue of reproductive rights. Yes, people are watching and, yes, people care.

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