Divine Intervention

For those still waiting for the Divine Trinity of Barbara, Ann, and Molly to descend from the cloud and anoint the chosen one, you might have missed it Tuesday night.

Of course, it’s this type of hyperbole that has ruffled the feathers of some. As much as you want to set the record straight, now is not the time for navel gazing comparisons about people and events, and reflections on people’s motive for participating. That’s why they call it History.

Yes, newbies can make mistakes, but no one was born a hardcore activist with mad organizing and communication skills. After decades of political, social, and economic battles against the prevailing powers, we have plenty of experienced, mentor-types in this state who will teach them the way of the force. Chill, and embrace the enthusiasm of the newcomers and the passion of those rising stars committed to a better future.

We all know Texas has deep-rooted problems that are not going away any time soon, but reining in your approval of the awakening citizen doesn’t help solve these issues. Even our own comfortable little universe sometimes gets stifling and needs a swift kick.

Welcome to those who bring new insights and excitement to the table.

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