My Dearest Lardass

Senator Estes and his chins think that a bunch of little old ladies and college students constitute a clear and present threat to his constant supply of Krispy Kremes Democracy.

When senators are filibustering, they must stay on topic and cannot eat or drink, leave the floor, sit down, lean on their desk or receive help from another senator. If any of these rules are violated, precedent in the Senate is a “three strikes you’re out” policy. On the third strike, a simple majority of the Senate can vote to end debate and the senator filibustering must yield the floor. Several hours after Davis began her filibuster, a few senators noticed she was breaking the rules by twice going off topic and receiving help from another senator. Consequently, three points of order were called, and each was ultimately sustained.

It was upon the issuance of the ruling from Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst on the final point of order that the mob began its rule of Texas.

Now, I want to make sure we’re all clear on one thing, that Senator Estes is a liar. The previous points of order were questionable at best considering that Sen. Davis was called out for being off topic once for reading material about the impact of ANOTHER abortion bill and how it related to SB5. On another, she was getting help with a back brace. For 13 hours the woman stood up for the people of this state, a feat that Senator Estes probably couldn’t achieve given his considerable mass.

When things really went off the rails was when the Senate leadership and the Republican majority completely violated multiple Senate rules which culminated in holding an illegal vote which was illegally recorded. When our lawmakers refuse to follow the rules, is it any wonder that those in the gallery would want to applaud the efforts of those who fought against them? Even anti-abortion protesters agreed that what was done was WRONG.

I’m not going to debate the finer points of a clearly meritless bill, though it’s worth noting that all it really does is protect the victims of rape and incest from ever really moving past what will likely be the most painful experience of their lives.

What I do have a serious problem with is the characterization of those who chose to exercise the right of free people to see their government in action as ‘an unruly mob’. These were mothers, grandmothers and college kids. With thousands of people, DPS only managed three arrests (two woman and a man) one of whom was arrested for bumping into a DPS officer in the crowd.

If Senator Estes is such a candyass that he thinks a bunch of mothers constitutes a serious concern, then he really doesn’t need to be writing op/ed pieces… he needs to be seeing a therapist because he clearly has a case of Fat White Christian Man Persecution Complex. For a more accurate version of the events last week, click here.

On a personal note, I do business all over the State of Texas and have a number of Republican clients and partners who are all thinking the same thing I am:


You see, the only thing holding back the Texas economy is the lack of will in the Legislature to fully fund our infrastructure needs without resorting to high risk schemes (like Public Private Partnerships). EVERYONE knows this and yet the Republicans in the Legislature are worried about adding even more restrictions to our already restrictive abortion laws? How, exactly, does this make sense?

If abortion once again becomes the focus of this Special, you can’t on some turnover next year. Business has had enough of this tent revival nonsense AND WE’RE THE MONEY THAT PAYS FOR THE CAMPAIGNS. Some of you Republican activists may deride the country club set, but they’re the ones who pay for the ads and they’ve had enough of the poor people putting religion before bidness.

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