Dear DA Lehmberg: Get MEAN!

Congrats on securing the funding for the PIU. As a Travis County taxpayer, I’m happy to help. Now, you’ve talked in the past about the need for the prosecutions out of the office to be unimpeachable in terms of partisanship,even if it means not moving forward, lest the funding be cut. In fact, that was one of your arguments against Charlie Baird in 2012. Now that the funding has disappeared, your strategy is no longer a consideration. So, I’m going to give you a piece of free advice:

If we’re footing the bill, you better get a fucking hell of a lot more aggressive.

GO looking for the fight. MAKE them hurt. INDICT, INDICT, INDICT.

There are a lot of people like myself who supported Charlie in 2012 who thought you were, frankly, too easy on corruption in state government out of fear the PIU would be defunded. Your personal issues gave them an excuse to do what they wanted to do, attempt to kill the PIU. The reality is that they would have tried it anyway (and, just FYI, I don’t think you should resign so don’t think I’m coming from there), your thing was just an excuse. So, now’s the time to be THE ASSHOLE.



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