Someone in Austin is in desperate need of a pimp slap

Lt. Governor Dewhurst, inartfully and amateurishly, tried to spring a relative accused of shoplifting from the pokey by using his charm, charisma and immense power as the second highest elected official in state government on a police sergeant in Allen, TX. Since he doesn’t have really have any charm or charisma, it turned into a clumsy and awkward attempt to use his power and, as with most things Dewhurst does, it didn’t work.

Of course, his opponents and critics have had something to say, like Senator Dan Patrick’s cheesy ‘it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointing’ and Ag Commissioner Todd Staples’s dated reference to ‘Anchorman’ which is really only funny to people who had to watch Anchorman four or fives to really get it. So, we’re sure Staples will soon become the leading candidate among the slow witted masses who make up the Republican primary electorate.

Harold Cook had the most awesome take on the situation

Voters need no further evidence that Dewhurst was using his public office for the personal benefit of his family than when he said he would have the guy in charge of the entire Department of Public Safety – the state police – call behind him “in ten minutes.” Unless you somehow believe that you – a rank-and-file citizen – could also get the commander in charge of your state’s police to call a local police department on behalf of your jailed relative, you have to conclude that the Lt. Governor stepped over the line.

Let’s be honest – a lot of people, elected or not, would have done exactly what Dewhurst did. When you have a family member or close friend in jail, you’ll use everything at your disposal to spring ‘em. I’m confident that legendary Democratic Lt. Governor Bob Bullock would have done everything he could to get a family member out of jail. It’s just that if Bullock had tried it:

1. It would have worked.
2. He wouldn’t have gotten caught.
3. He probably would have gotten somebody else to do it for him.
4. He might well have himself been the family member in jail.

EXACTLY… Democrats, even when they abuse power, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY.

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