Worthless endorsement for a worthless politician

Michael Quinn Sullivan’s Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, which promotes keeping spending on a 21st century state government squarely mired in a 19th century tax base, has decided to endorse this man, Senator Dan Patrick despite his rather obvious (and offputting) physical deformity. Take a look and see if you can figure out what about this man will haunt our dreams, aside from his nightmarish ability to be constantly wrong…

Giant Head

What’s really surprising about this is that it’s being touted as a major endorsement when everyone already knows that TFR is nothing more than a crappy email list which imparts to its leader the ability to accomplish just about nothing, other than endorsing candidates.

In response, Ag Commissioner Staples (who is still, inexplicably, in the race) yawned and Land Commissioner Patterson just laughed. Lt. Governor Dewhurst was visibly upset because he doesn’t realize which endorsements matter and also helps explain why he accepted the endorsement of Cathie Adams who is running around the state telling people that everyone in Washington is a crypto-Muslim, including Grover Norquist, WITHOUT EXPLAINING WHAT THE HELL A CRYPTO-MUSLIM IS.

Photo courtesy Bob Daemmrich via the Texas Tribune

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