Oh, now this is just a barrel of stupid

Ben Hall has released a new video which you can view here. In it he claims to have sued the IRS, won and then been sued by the IRS. Or something. While it’s not clear exactly what happened, it’s clear he doesn’t like paying taxes in addition to being smarter than you and everyone you know.

I hate people who don’t pay their taxes. They need to be stripped of citizenship and forced to live in a tax haven like Somalia.

Also on Tuesday, Brigid Shea who is running to be the Democratic nominee for Precinct 2 Commissioner decided to make a big deal out of a road that probably will never get built IN PRECINCT 3. Why won’t it get built? Because there’s no money to build it. As a resident of Precinct 2, I’d like to know which roads she’ll be opposing here. I want a list so when people ask me WHY I’m not voting for her, I can be succinct.

Consider this the first of what will be a lengthy series of endorsements for Garry Brown.

Finally, there’s this from the re-election campaign of our Lt. Governor…

Which left me feeling like she did…

… after seeing Twilight.

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