Bubba, that ain’t God you’re hearing

Former Congressman Tom Delay says he’s being called by God to lead a Constitutional ‘revival’ and attempt to shut down the parts of the government that he deems unconstitutional.

“It’s time for a constitutional renewal, a constitutional revival,” DeLay said in Burleson, adding that this revival is inherently linked to a “spiritual awakening” he sees happening across the country. He said conservatives have allowed “the left to intimidate us, cut off our heads, put us in prison.”
“It’s time for a revolution,” DeLay said. “I am not advocating for revolution in the streets. But if that’s what it takes … ”

Normally I’d blow off a statement like this but it’s become entirely too common on the right and, uncountered, could lead to something really stupid like an actual revolution due to constant self reinforcement that it’s

1) Justified, with only empty rhetoric to back up that claim
2) Winnable

As for numero uno, there’s no real oppression just politicians and their fellow travelers taking advantage of the prejudices and ignorance of about 30% of the population who are disproportionately suffering from a mass persecution complex. It’s a money making scheme for someone like Tom Delay and these rubes are buying it.

Number two is a bit tougher because it requires some critical thought and questions about the assumption that Democrats are anti-gun and unlikely to have guns. Teabaggers would also have to question the arrogant assumption that they’re smarter than the liberals which has never made much sense.

Let’s all remember that when Bush was President, liberals effectively marginalized their crazies because they realized they were, you know, crazy. Republicans made a Faustian bargain with theirs and it’s not worked out well. If thinking about that doesn’t help, they should really think about how the Civil War turned out and go re-read the account of Lee leaving Appomattox before they start making vague but clear comments about armed revolution.

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