Hey, Governor Walker: You should TOTALLY run for President!

So, there’s this. There are a few things that were left out…

1) That 2010 election in which Republicans took control of WI was funded by a mountain of corporate money and voter suppression… you can forget D’s in WI allowing that shit to happen again.

2) Governor Walker seems most proud of his economic portfolio which includes pathetic economic growth and net migration of people out of WI. He promised 250,000 new jobs and he’s only a third of the way there with one year to go. All this should be put into the context of what Walker and Teabaggers like him promised their voters in 2010… that IF they cut the budget and implemented harsh austerity it would lead to much higher economic growth. Now, smart people (and yeah, I’ll put myself in that group) knew that was complete bullshit and dumb people (like Governor Scott Walker who, seriously, believes economic fantasies) believed that magically it would happen. It hasn’t. Don’t expect any Democrat to let Walker forget it.

3) Speaking of that corporate money, you tell Chuck and Dave Koch hello because we certainly will in 2014.

Governor, you’re not the man you think you are and challenging any Democrat to a debate on economics is tempting fate.

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