You asked for it…

In a state where every executive office, the courts and the legislative branch are controlled by the Republican Party, it’s ironic to find Republicans bitching about the real world effects of the actions of the folks they worked to elect. Terri Hall has the story of a man whose land was seized by eminent domain for sewage treatment run off. Now, forget for a moment this is treated effluent and likely as clean as what comes out of your faucet… they usually have to expose it to the sun to break down the chlorine that used to treat it, lest it kill plants and animals in untreated waterways… this is a very real, uncompensated seizure of private property and it’s wrong.

I totally agree. But, seriously, what did you expect from a party that governs not for the people, but for the corporations? You were so angry at ‘that damn Obama’ that you voted to give them even more power and now you’re learning that Obama was nothing more than a smokescreen… the real enemies you should have been fighting have been the folks you’ve been voting to elect.

Don’t think for a second I have pity… You guys are getting what you deserve. You turned out some good Democrats and re-elected some horrible Republicans in 2010 and 2012 so it’s really all your own fault. You want me to help you out? Start by electing Daniel Boone to replace that moron Senator Donna Campbell.

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