Oh, how dumb…

Brandon Ambrosino has a little article over at Time that’s completely meritless. I mention it only because it’s important to see apologists for what they are, nonsensical. Brandon thinks the flap over Phil Robertson’s opinion is the perfect opportunity for dialogue which would be true if the basis for Robertson’s bigotry wasn’t religion. There’s no point trying to persuade someone whose opinions are ‘truths’ revealed by God, never mind that he’s probably wrong and likely making the mistake due to a mistranslations of the Bible.

This isn’t Brandon’s first time to apologize for those who oppose equality under the law for LGBT Americans. He also thinks that opposing gay marriage doesn’t make you a homophobe, which Mark Joseph Stern at Salon took neatly apart.

The primary problem with this kind of argument is that as easily as it can be trussed up in calls for tolerance, patience, and humanism, it can also be ripped to shreds by one simple question: Can a person oppose equal rights for gay people and not be, in some fundamental way, a homophobe? The answer seems to me to be a pretty obvious no. Opposition to gay marriage isn’t just some abstract principle with little practical effect. It’s a harmful belief with real-world consequences, and it has contributed immeasurable pain, sorrow, and suffering to the lives of gay people throughout history. To oppose gay marriage is to help prevent loving couples from visiting each other in the hospital, from raising a child together, from enjoying the most basic facets of a fulfilling life. And just as perniciously, in the words of the Supreme Court, opposition to marriage equality “humiliates tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples” by telling them their parents don’t deserve the dignity and respect afforded to straight couples. Those who oppose gay marriage drive the laws that inflict this daily humiliation unto gay couples and their children. That, put simply, is homophobia.

The real question is why Ambrosino feels the need to make excuses for these people. It’s one he’ll have to answer for himself and I hope he’ll let us in on the reason when he discovers the cause.

Sid Miller, who is running for Ag Commissioner, also rolled out his support for Phil Robertson and admonished A&E, a private company owned by Disney and Hurst (and, in turn, their shareholders) to stop oppressing Robertson’s right to free speech. Which they, of course, are not. No word from Miller’s campaign regarding what else he’d like private corporations to do.

One has to wonder if all this was just Phil and the other members of the Robertson family trying to get A&E into court to negotiate a bigger slice of the merchandising pie from Duck Dynasty crap. If so, A&E very clearly shit all over it by getting rid of Phil… they’ve decided to move on and find another group of hillbillies to amuse the nation. Since there’s a bumper crop (I mean, come on… MISSISSIPPI), I don’t think they’ll have any problem.

Finally, there’s this from PDiddy… Brilliant, as ever.

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