Sid Miller : not the worst investor of all time…

… but a pretty damn bad one.

He bought AIG, Blackberry (which was still Research In Motion at the time), GM and Citigroup stock in 2008 and 2009. Not Goldman Sachs or Altria or Carl’s Jr or Apple. On GM, he lost everything (here’s a fucking tip, Sid… when considering an investment in a nearly bankrupt enterprise, you want to buy the DEBT). And Blackberry? I get the need to bottom feed (FD…I’ve recently put on a synthetic long in BBRY), but buying the equity long? And why BBRY and not, I don’t know, NOKIA when it was $2/share?!??!

I’ve always thought Sid was a moron but this is unbelievable. And he wants to be the guy who manages the budget for the Texas Department of Agriculture? That’s like giving a degenerate gambler your kids college fund and asking them to take care of it RIGHT BEFORE THEY GET ON A PLANE FOR VEGAS.

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