Dregs: AYFKM?

This week was a busy one for the folks at McBlogger which, of course, you wouldn’t know since we didn’t post anything. I’m sure you all thought we were luxuriating on a beach somewhere enjoying sunshine and blender drinks but we were, in fact, freezing our asses off along with you.

  • By now you’ve all heard about Wayne Slater’s piece in the DMN that detailed Wendy Davis’s life story like an FBI background check. For a while, people were debating if she’d actually lived long enough in a mobile home to say she’d lived in a mobile home which is stupid because ONE NIGHT in a mobile home is one night too many. Republicans applauded Slater’s hard work while Democrats excoriated him for being so hard on the woman in the race. We at McBlogger just thought it was a shitbag piece of garbage because it focused on campaign bullshit rather than the reality of a state desperately in need of, well, everything after decades of Republican underinvestment and incompetence.

    Unfortunately, there was one other piece of campaign related bullshit spun out by Peggy Fikac regarding a video shot by noted felon and con artist James O’Keefe. In the video, there is a scene in which Davis supporters are talking about the possible insensitivity toward Greg Abbott for the slogan Stand With Wendy since Greg Abbott is in a wheelchair. Apparently, Fikac thought this was news and never bothered to make the connection between the piece (which was heavily edited with the intent to make it appear that Democrats were insensitive, an effort that largely failed because Democrats are too fucking sensitive about every little fucking thing and find offending anyone abhorrent) and Abbott’s fight against ADA and other measures designed to help disabled Texans like himself.

    Nice work, Wayne and Peggy… you really did yeomans work making sure this week was totally wasted. Here’s hoping you don’t get CNN’d. And General Abbott, nice move keeping your mouth shut… unlike the Davis campaign which is apparently staffed by unbelievably nice people.

    Finally, we’d like to take a moment to give a special shoutout to Rodger Jones at the DMN who wins this week’s George Will Exceptional Cluelessness in Writing award by turning out this piece which we assume was meant to defend the bullshit work of the DMN from a perfectly legitimate attack by Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy.

    If a man campaigned on something like “family values” or a similar theme, and if he had two failed marriages in his past, and if he left two small kids with a spouse for an extended time a couple thousand miles away, and if he dumped that spouse later on, he would run into the same buzzsaw that Davis hit this week.

    The word you’re looking for is hypocrisy. Rodger, maybe you can point me to the pieces you did on Newt Gingrich, Talmadge Heflin and Dan Patrick because Google’s coming back with nothing.

  • Apparently, the Justice Department is considering a plea deal for traitor Edward Snowden. Obviously, we’re not OK with this at all since what he’s disclosed has been known or assumed (I mean, come one, we knew about NSA collecting internet traffic ten years ago) and his disclosures are relatively unimportant no matter the classification put on them. We would like to see him return to the US but only to face a real trial. While we’re fierce advocates of personal freedom and privacy, we take a very dim view of those who swore an oath to defend national security and then decided to break it when they became convinced that they alone were the bearers of ultimate truth.
  • Eye on Williamson has a great post up about a Veteran named Louie Minor who is running to unseat the execrable John Carter. Go check it out and visit his website here.
  • There is a lively primary going on to become the Democratic nominee for the US Senate. Perry has more on Maxey Scherr tearing into David Alameel.
  • Y’all have a goodun!

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