We Endorse : Lieutenant Governor

Obviously, on the Democratic side, Senator Van De Putte is running unopposed. In the Republican Primary, there are four choices… Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, Land Commissioner Patterson, Senator Dan Patrick and some schmuck who has spent eight years at the Texas Department of Agriculture doing nothing. Texpatriate chose Land Commissioner Patterson and it’s a solid choice. Patterson is the only one in the race who really cares about this state and will put it first before any political considerations.

For us, the problem is more complex. While we love Texas (Patterson), we also appreciate wishy-washy bullshit people who prevaricate endlessly before finally making a decision that will lead to embarrassment (Dewhurst) and political opportunists with no integrity or real principles (Patrick). The schmuck who currently serves as Agriculture Commissioner is disqualified for being really, really, really bad at even that easy job.

In the end, we’re going with Dan Patrick. Texas politics has always been a haven for con artists and Patrick continues that long tradition. From his phony bloviating about freedom and liberty to his campaign finance issues, Patrick exemplifies the worst of Texas… the cocksucker who cut and ran on his creditors and now has the temerity to ask you to trust him with the public purse.

Plus, and we mean this with a great deal of sincerity, it’ll be fun watching Senator Van de Putte kick the smug smirk off his disconcertingly asymmetric face.

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